Nog geen showreel?
Maak met ons je SHOWCASE-reel.

Tijdens een SHOWCASE van 2 uur schieten we een fotosessie + nemen een Introclip op + draaien een speel-scene.
Zo maken we samen met jou een complete showcase-reel met titels die je als showreel kunt gebruiken. 

Alleen castingfotos laten maken?
Tijdens een FOTOSESSIE van 1,5 uur maken we casting-portretten en -totalen in en om onze studio in 3 kledingsets.

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We cast colorful

We are SjouerCasting, we are André & Rozanne

an independent casting team for over 20 years

Diversity is very important to us.
Actors always feel safe on our castings. The four-eyes policy * has been in practice with us for twenty years.
We enjoy working with directors and producers to shape their creative dreams together.
We cast A-list actors up to and including nobles with camera experience.

  • Registration is FREE for all professional actors, corporate, training & talented amateur actors.
  • Need new casting photos? check out and book a session.
  • Do you need acting advice or coaching? look under the Casting workshops button above.

Via clients can directly see actors hear and play. 

* Note: Several employees are ALWAYS present at our castings, including Rozanne and André.

GOOD TO KNOW for clients: We are also casting directors on international casting networks.
We regularly cast for Dutch productions from Amsterdam in London, Munich and Berlin.
For more information, please call 020-6754279

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